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This ain't your yoga teacher's breathwork

Not that there's anything wrong with pranayama (yogic breathing). It's incredibly valuable and an important part of any yoga class. And while I highly recommend it, this just ain't it.

So, what is it, then?


Welcome to the revolution of respiration, where the air you inhale does more than just keep you alive—it transforms you.


Forget everything you think you know about breathing exercises (including pranayama… or yogic breathing); we’re about to take a deep dive into the mystical, the magical, and the downright mind-blowing with Conscious Connected Breathing, also known as Psychedelic Breathwork, Power Breathwork or Breakthrough Breathwork. ​

are you ready ...

to take a deep dive into the mystical, the magical, and the downright mind-blowing?

to unleash the power of your breath so you can transcend the ordinary and experience the extraordinary?

to up level your existence by aligning with a more authentic version of yourself?

to tap into altered states of consciousness and feel like you've opened a portal to another dimension?

to transform your life by connecting to a deeper sense of peace, love, and wisdom?

to ditch the ordinary and take a breath on the wild side? Conscious Connected Breathing isn't just an exercise; it's a journey to the depths of your soul and back. So, are you in, or are you into staying ordinary?

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calm down.
get focused.
& hit your mark.

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all about it

Think of Conscious Connected Breathing as the wild child of breathwork practices. While those serene yoga breath techniques might make you feel calm and centered, Conscious Connected Breathing is here to shake things up. Let's get started by mixing some straight-up science with a sprinkle of sass: 

During a breathwork session, you'll experience:

Oxygen Overload: Instead of taking a chill pill, you'll be taking an oxygen pill. By flooding your body with oxygen, you'll push the reset button on your nervous system. This isn't just woo-woo; it's backed by hardcore science.

DMT Release: Welcome to the realm of the naturally psychedelic. Conscious Connected Breathing can stimulate the release of DMT, often dubbed the "spirit molecule". Think of it as your body's own way of giving you a euphoric push without he need for any external substances.

Emotional Detox: Who needs a motivational podcast when your breath can dig deep into your psyche and clear out those emotional cobwebs? Expect an emotional rollercoaster--a mix of release, relief, and at least a few epiphanies.

what to expect

to be different you have to be willing to get outside your comfort zone and experience some discomfort. #growth

physcially, you may feel tingling sensations, body temp changes, vibrations, twitching, lightheadedness, and/or muscle tension

emotionally, you may feel all the feels from bliss to rage and everything in between. 

mentally, you're mind is going to try to keep you safe by getting you back to your typical baseline, but who wants to be typical?!? 

each session is unique, just like you, so prepare to expect the unexpected.

see visions that rival your wildest dreams.

dr. emily

Thanks again for rocking your gifts with us. I meant it when I said that I don't think you realize just how gifted you are with this stuff!!

breathwork can also...

energetically heal relationships

connect you to

your higher self

help you find your purpose



boost your immune system

ease chronic pain

aid with your digestion

provide massive stress relief

releases trauma and fear

help you to find emotional balance

heal your body

deepen your relationship to
self & others

.... and so much more

book now

Because your cozy yoga class can only get you so far and this style of breathwork is about to become your new best friend by transforming your life. Admit it...

You're ready for something more and to up level your existence

That means you're going to have to make some changes

Change requires effort, bravery, and stepping out of your comfort zone

You crave a life that's vibrant, exhilarating, and just a bit rebellious

on demand vids

Need a chill pill, like right now? Ditch the stress and breathe in some serious zen vibes with our Breathwork On Demand videos! Imagine this: You, a comfy spot, a screen, and our guided breathwork sessions that’ll melt your stress faster than an ice cream cone in July. Yep, that good.


So, stop scrolling and start inhaling those good vibes. Your lungs (and sanity) will thank you.

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All Videos
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Intro to Breathwork (FREE)

Intro to Breathwork (FREE)

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Bringing Light to Dark

Bringing Light to Dark

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Cultivate Self Love

Cultivate Self Love

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Get Clarity

Get Clarity

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Can anyone do breathwork?
Yes! Breathwork is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, fitness or experience. If you have medical concerns, consult your physician. 

How long is a session? Depends. I can get you "there" in 30 minutes if you're short on time or concerned about a longer experience. I prefer having 60-75 minutes so we have time to chat and work our way into it.

Can I eat or drink before a session? There's nothing worst than breathing with a full belly so if you have a meal before be sure to give yourself a couple of hours so your food is able to digest. You can drink whatever you like prior. Just avoid chunking a bunch of anything and ingesting too much caffeine. 

What should I wear? Wear something comfy that you can lay down and breathe deep into the belly in. No tight pants or corsets, if you're into period pieces. 

What will I feel like after?
Again, it depends. You may feel any and all of the feels. Your energy may feel calm and centered or you may feel energized and a little ungrounded. We'll chat about how you're feeling at the end of the session.

More questions? Email me at candy.irven @

Hi! I'm Candy.

Candy Photo.png

I’m your breathwork boss and I love helping people like you to feel empowered and alive in a way that allows you to feel like a boss.


If you feel stuck or weighed down, I get it. I spent years in therapy and trying all sorts of modalities in hopes of finding my way back to myself... to my real self.

And while I believe all modalities can be beneficial, including therapy, breathwork was a game changer for me. Nothing else felt so accessible and created such profound shifts.

I'm thrilled for you to get to experience the power of breathwork. Let's do it!!

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