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next level ~ nine of diamonds

Two of Spades Oracle.png

central themes

- repeating patterns
- next level understanding
- cyclical nature
- money going out
- generosity
- too much caretaking

next level

You have the opportunity to make a massive shift at this time. A pattern that has been in repeat is ready to be looked at again and potentially released. This card is asking you to look at a cycle that needs to be broken. Look at what seems familiar about this situation. Explore what has been working and what hasn’t. Even though this is a theme you’ve seen before, you are at a different level than you were the last time. You’ve learned a lot and now you can apply a new perspective to this issue.

nine of diamonds

The Nine (universal) of Diamonds (values/$) is all about broadening your perspective when it comes to money. It is likely that money will be leaving you in some way. It could be that you are investing in your future or that a job or some other money-making venture is coming to an end or that you have an unexpected expense. You might be in a generous mood, get involved in a non-profit, make a charitable donation or throw a fundraiser. Alternatively, you may be playing peacemaker or caretaker right now.

dive deeper

1. How does your current situation seem familiar? What pattern are you repeating? What knowledge or understanding do you have now that you didn’t before? What can you see now that you couldn’t before?
2. How have your attitudes toward money shifted lately? Do you have new priorities about your life in general?
3. Do you need to step into a peacekeeping role?
4. Have you been spending too much time caretaking another to the detriment of your own well-being?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Nine of Diamonds. Birthdays include:

January 18, February 16, March 14, April 12, May 10, June 8, July 6, August 4 & September 2

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