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Ready to bring some of ancient wisdom to your modern life? Enter cardology or the astrology and numerology of the playing cards. Yeah, those playing cards aren’t just for games. They’re like cosmic ID cards, dishing out the low-down on your soul’s mission, the people in your life, and even potential plot twists.

Your soul chose your birthday (and it's corresponding card) to learn certain lessons and have certain experiences. Delving into your cards is like peeping into the director’s notes—decoding your purpose and the crazy, beautiful dynamics of your connections with others.

You already know what it means to be a Leo, Aries or Pisces. Similarly, being a Club or a Diamond can tell you a lot about yourself. Dive into this guide to get the answers to questions like:

  • How do you make a Heart happy?

  • What makes a Diamond so awesome?

  • Do Clubs and Spades get along?



Ready to unveil the secrets of your suit?

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