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Your relationships are written in the cards.

You know how sometimes you just vibe with someone and other times it's as jarring as a Monday morning 6:00 am alarm?

That’s not random; it's the cosmos at work. Your Cosmic Vibes are not something you can avoid or change, but you can learn how to make the most of them. The bonus... your relationships are all part of the bigger plan, teaching you, stretching you, growing you.

So when you’re wondering why your relationships can feel easy breezy or like a full-on boot camp, just remember—your Cosmic Vibes come from the cards you were dealt.

your cosmic vibes are...

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ignite the light

MIXTAPE SONG: Firework by Katy Perry

Venus is all about deep love vibes. It’s where things just click, and hanging out feels like the comfiest, coziest nook in a crowded room. It's laughter and knowing glances. It’s fun, easy and friendly. But, can a Venus connection get boring?

Mars is where the action's at — it’s a call to arms. It can drive you to get things done and go on adventures together. “Intense" is an understatement. Passion comes to play with Mars both in the bedroom and in the boxing ring. And what is wrong with a lot of passion? Well….

You can't change your Cosmic Vibes, but you can learn how to make the most of them.

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Unlock Your Cosmic Connections - Explore the planetary vibes that define your relationship. Discover the unique energies you each bring to the table and how they shape your bond.

Friendship, Magnetism, & Challenges - Learn about how good of friends you can be, how attracted to (or irritated by) each other you might be and what level of potential difficulty there could be between you. Understand how these elements interact and influence your connection.

Feel, Evolve, & Thrive -  Find out how each vibe makes you feel and offers opportunities for growth. Get insights on how to navigate and evolve within each energy for a stronger, more harmonious relationship.

Express & Learn Together - Discover how you have the potential to 'be' each vibe and what lessons they bring. See how these two energies work when they are combined together.

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Each guide contains:

  • both planetary vibes ~ in a nutshell

  • the level of friendship, magnetism & challenge for each vibe

  • how you’ll feel & how you can evolve in each energy

  • pro tips, celebrity couples & lots of songs to add to your mix-tape

  • how you express each vibe & what they teach

  • how the energies combine, mesh & play off of each other

$12.00    $9.00

the ultimate guide to navigating your cosmic vibes


I loved this guide! So many insights into how to deal with what I am feeling in this relationship. I feel super validated. Whew! - Emily P.

Yes. This is us. Found this report so interesting. I especially liked the friendship, magnetism, challenge chart. It is nice to know that's just how it is for us, and I'm grateful for the tips to help us know how to deal with these energies! - Christine W.

Oh my gosh, thank you. I just kept nodding my head as I was reading. - Steve S.

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