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your card's guide

Learn how to reign your world with our cardology guides. The cards you were dealt are no joke. Our cards of destiny guides are based on the astrology and numerology of your cards. They will help you understand yourself and your relationships better.

Get an overview of what it means to be your card, plus...

  • what it means to be your suit & number

  • an in-depth profile of your card

  • how to win at being your card

  • how others see you

  • celebrities with your card

  • why your card has its nickname

  • your soul purpose

  • real talk you need to hear

  • questions to ask yourself

  • pro tips designed especially for your card

  • power words to post on your mirror

  • and more!

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the cosmic vibes guide

Each card has a relationship to every other card and these energies are fixed. You just need the key to release the secret. Discover how the energies between two people are explained by the cards with our guide.

Each Cosmic Vibes guide includes...

  • both planetary vibes ~ in a nutshell

  • the level of friendship, magnetism & challenge for each vibe

  • how you’ll feel & how you can evolve in each energy

  • pro tips, celebrity couples & lots of songs to add to your mix-tape

  • how you express each vibe & what they teach

  • how the energies combine, mesh & play off of each other

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