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Cardology: Unlock the secrets of your life

Updated: May 21

You’ve heard all the sayings about ‘the hand you were dealt’ and ‘the cards you were given’. But did you realize that those sayings are TRUE? The common playing cards carry secrets that can reveal our life purpose, why our relationships are the way they are, the biggest lessons you are here to learn and more. We call it cardology.

Cardology is the astrology and numerology of the playing cards.


No one really knows where cardology came from, but what is clear is that this system has been around for a very long time. It has been connected to the Masons, alchemy, to ancient Egypt, the Tarot and the Kabbalah. The Grand Master of the Order of the Magi (Olney Richmond), the secret society charged with preserving, studying and protecting the system, came out with the first printed material on the subject around the turn of the 20th century. He says that the system goes all the way back to Atlantis.


What defines Cardology (also known as the Destiny Cards or Cards of Destiny) is that it correlates perfectly with the calendar. Because the system links to time, the day you arrived is your ‘time-stamp’. Your time stamp is the card (and it’s hand). Your card is sometimes called your Personality Card, but we like to use the term Birth Card.

Your card (and it’s hand) determine your personality, your timeline and everything you came here to work on in this life.

Want to know your Birth Card? Click here.

Here are some other ways the cards correlate to the calendar:

  • Black and red = day and nights

  • 4 suits = 4 seasons

  • 13 cards per suit = 13 yearly moon cycles

  • 12 court cards = 12 months

  • 52 cards = 52 weeks

  • 7 days x 52 weeks = 364 days

  • ​The Joker =1.25

  • All cards plus the Joker add up to the solar year: 365.25


The cards are laid out in a 7×7 grid, with the last three cards top center in an eighth row. There is a spread in which all the cards are in order. This is called the Spiritual (or God) Spread. (Each card has an assigned number to it. The Ace of Hearts = 1 and the King of Spades = 52). The order of the suits goes: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades.

There is another spread that lays over the first spread. This is called the Mundane (or Life) Spread. The card ‘under’ your card called a Karma Card.


Next to each column and row is a planet. (See the charts above.) If you find your card, you’ll notice that it’s at the intersection of two planets. These two planets are similar to a basic astrological signature such as your sun, moon or rising signs. They show you more about what you are to learn this time around and are an inherent part of your card. You can learn more about your two planets by looking up your card and getting 'Discover Your Blueprint' (your card's course).


On the Life Spread, you’ll find your hand. The card to the right of your card is your Moon card. The card to the left is your Mercury card. The next one to the left is your Venus, then Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each card represents something about your personality, it represents certain periods of your life and it shows you about your relationships with people who have those cards. If you are familiar with astrology, you can apply that knowledge to your hand. your card's course includes a section that goes in-depth on what it means to have your card (and it’s hand).


You have a second most important card we call your OTHER CARD (it is also known as your planetary ruling card). If you know your sun sign in astrology, you just look at the corresponding card in your hand to find your second most important card. For instance, Venus rules Libra. Mars rules Aries. And so on. Your Other Card augments your Birth Card, softening some things and emphasizing others. That’s why someone else with your card but a different birthday will seem similar… but different. Your card’s course gives you your second card. We also recommend getting its course (kind of like exploring more of your astrology chart than your sun sign).


Speaking of other people, this system can give you a lot of insights about your relationships: the general vibe, the purpose and how it might feel different for each person. To figure out the Cosmic Compatibility between two people, we look at the positions of their cards on both spreads. The result is a planetary energy that governs the relationship (Moon, Venus, Pluto, etc.) There are several planetary energies, but we have narrowed it down the most relevant two. You can look up your Cosmic Vibes here. If you want to dive deep, be sure to get the report!


The cards are like a big rotating clock which deals you a collection of cards for every year of your life. This is all laid out in Robert Camp’s The Cards of your Destiny book. You can go to your page (like the Five of Clubs if your birthday is October 17), and see every year of your life from 0-100.

You have five cards that tell you about the whole year. Big themes. Like, where are you going? Where will you end up by your birthday? What will be the death (and rebirth) of you? And what will be easy? etc.

Then there are two cards of influence for each 52 day period you pass through. (There are seven in a year, like there are 52 seven day periods!) These two cards will help you understand every aspect of your life during that time and will also help you know when to expect changes.

by Laura Haehl


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