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the hand you were dealt

Every card has an entire hand that influences it. Yep. You actually have a hand to play. But do you know how?

The Hand You Were Dealt will l help you uncover your soul’s plan by analyzing and mapping out all of the cards in your hand.

In The Hand You Were Dealt, you’ll uncover the card for each planetary position in your hand including Mercury, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and more.

Plus, get a cheat sheet for each card that you can distribute to friends. Combine the energy of each of the planets in your hand with the card and voila, you have your hand.

a video that explains why you should analyze your hand & how


a workbook to take you through each step

cardology charts for both present & past lives

a cheat sheet for all 52 cards to assist you in analyzing your hand (and to pass out to your friends!)

a look up chart to quickly find any birthday so you can easily find the cards of your family, friends, lovers and enemies

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relationships & the cards

Your cards are major influencers in your relationship. Learn how to navigate them.

Your soul chose your card for a reason. Are you ready to find out how it affects your relationships? Each card has a relationship to every other card and these energies are fixed. You just need the key to release the secret.

The Relationships Course will help you discover how the people in your hand affect you and vice versa.

Life is a mystery. Especially relationships.

In The Relationships Course for your suit, you’ll learn about the royal archetypes (Jack, Queen and King of your suit) and how they interact with each other. You’ll have a workbook to analyze your relationships from different angles including how people show up in your hand or if they are your karma card. Plus, you’ll learn all about how compatible you are with others.

a video overview of the course

a workbook to help you analyze every angle of your relationships through the lens of the cards

four videos that dive deep into the your royal archetypes (Jack, Queen and King of your suit)

a video about the people in your hand (how to find them and what it means when they show up there)

a video that explains what the cards say about your compatibility with others

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$33 per course


Can I do these courses at my own pace?

How long will I have access to these courses? 
You'll be able to access the course for one year.

How do I access the class once I sign up? Just log into our site, click your face (or the silhouette) in the upper right hand corner and choose MY PROGRAMS.

More questions? 
Email us a hello @

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Hi! I'm Laura.

I’m an intuitive guide and I love helping people like you access and maximize their intuitive gifts.


Plus, I loooooove the cards! I've been working with cardology since 2014. I am so thrilled to bring you more in-depth ways to explore the mysteries of cardology!

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