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Nothing should stop you from where you want to go next.

Deep down, you know you have the answers you are seeking.

You know you are getting signs and nudges that guide you to what to do next or what is really underneath those persistent thoughts.

All the noise and chaos out there is making it difficult to lock in on those nudges and trust them (and yourself).

A Slingshot Session will help you decipher what is bullshit and what is not, so you can take that leap without second-guessing yourself.


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lara b.

By working with Laura, I have been able to bring a sense of calmness back into myself, where I had been experiencing the effects of severe anxiety. I am able to sleep better, have a stronger awareness of what is going on in my body, and feel more connected to the loving people with whom I surround myself with.

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How does it work?

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Intuitive Session
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