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are you ready ...

to access your healing power?

access a higher level of consciousness?

to feel more serenity in your day-to-day life?

to quickly release what no longer serves you? 

to feel energy moving through your body?

to help bring healing energy to others

to be more able to assess the subtle sensations and energetic shifts happening around you? 

all about it

Dive into the transformative world of USUI Holy Fire II Reiki in our Level 1 training session! Unleash the potential for self-healing and assisting others as you embark on this enlightening journey of discovery.


During this course, you will immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques.

You will...

discover the essence of Reiki – what it truly is and what sets it apart.


explore your unique lineage and understand the profound differences and striking similarities of Holy Fire energy.


embrace the Reiki Ideals and Principles to nurture your inner self and radiate positivity outward.


your voyage also includes a celestial exploration of The Heavens


experience a practical study of Hand Positions for both self-treatment and assisting others.


learn the art of Byosen Scanning to fine-tune your energetic awareness and deepen your practice.


elevate your experience with three captivating guided meditations: delve into the tranquil Ocean of Holy Love, receive the empowering Holy Fire II Level 1 Placement and liberate yourself through the transformative practice of Cord Cutting.

Join Candy in this immersive 8-week adventure – while the course duration allows ample time for mastery, you’ll find the journey so riveting that you may just breeze through it effortlessly.


Embrace the simplicity and clarity of this course as it guides you towards unlocking the boundless potential of USUI Holy Fire II Reiki.


Can I do the course at my own pace?

How long will I have access to the course? 
You'll be able to access the course for 8-weeks.

How do I access the class once I sign up? Just go to my website, click your face (or the silhouette) in the upper right hand corner and choose MY PROGRAMS.

More questions? 
Email us a hello @

Candy Photo.png

Hi! I'm Candy.

I facilitate breakthroughs so you don't have a (nother?) breakdown. Whether you feel stuck in a rut. . . relationship. . . career. . . spiral. . . limiting belief. . . program. . . or just don't know what's next, I can help. . . your breath can help. ​


My specialty is helping you to tap into your inner wisdom. . . that true knowing. . . basically, your heart so you can bust through what's been holding you back, using the power of your breath.

Visit my website at

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