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Ever feel the universe is sending signs, but you're missing the decoder ring? Enter Cardology - the astrology and numerology of the playing cards.

Your card isn’t just for playing solitaire; it's the blueprint of your soul, a roadmap sketched by the stars. Uncover your innate gifts, navigate challenges, understand your relationships and align with your purpose.

your card is...


the joker

Fortunately, being the Joker means you have a lot of freedom to utilize all of the other 52 cards. Unfortunately, the Joker is outside the deck, meaning… cardology just does not apply to those born on December 31st.

This means you can play any role you choose because you have chosen a script this time around that is a blank page in many ways.

This is not to say that you have no karma or pre-arrangements with other souls, or a purpose or destiny. It’s just that perhaps, it is so unique and customized to you, that it couldn’t fit into one of the choices that the ‘system’ has available.

Find another December 31st person, and figure out what you have in common.


As we said before, cardology is based on both astrology and numerology.

Here is how The Joker fits (or rather, doesn’t fit) into the system:

  • 52 cards = 52 weeks in the year

  • 5 + 2 = 7 (obvi, the # of days in a week)

  • 52 x 7 = 364 days

  • The Joker is the 365th ​day


People with the Joker card can take on the personality of any of the other 52 cards in the deck at anytime. Take a look at the list of celebrities. Anthony Hopkins. Ben Kingsley. Come on now. Even people like Gabby Douglas and Donald Trump, Jr…. you just can’t quite get a grasp for who they are. Because of this, cardology does not apply to the Joker, but you might find reading the Ace of Hearts and King of Spades to be useful as those two cards are December 30th and January 1st respectively.​


To understand another way the The Joker works, check out The Fool Card (number 0) in the Tarot deck. There is a place for the ‘Fool’ within each of us. There is a perspective we can take in which we can make fun of ourselves. There is an empty place that allows us to honor the mystery of life. So in a sense, we all have access to the archetype of the Joker.

the origin stories

In the courts of yesteryear, the jesters performed skits and imitations to get people to lighten up, to laugh at themselves and perhaps, for the wisest jesters, to communicate a message to the ruling elite through humor that no one else could. The Jester archetype today is played by comic news hosts such as Bill Maher, Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah. They have the stage and they can say whatever they wish to the powers that be.

There are wisdom traditions which include the concept of zero, or nothing, as part of the all. That which is not, is included in that which is. For example, in ancient Chinese Feng Shui, when writing out your affirmations for what you want, make eight of them and then make the ninth irrelevant and empty. Also, in the Bagua, which is the eight-sided figure used as a template on physical spaces for Feng Shui, the center place is supposed to remain empty, both in the diagram and in the physical space, to invoke a sense of peace.

The printed version of the Joker came about during the Civil War in the United States as the result of a need for a higher Bower card (other than the trump cards of the two Jacks) in the card game, Euchre. This Joker therefore, can also be interpreted as the ‘Jack of all Jacks’ taking on some of the characteristics of a typical Jack card. Creative, youthful, independent but still a part of the royal fam, they don’t liked to be bossed around and they tend to have a sense of pride and strength. Like all Jacks, the Joker can also turn this creative energy into deceptive, shady business.

famous jokers

Alex Ferguson

Andreas Vesalius

Anthony Hopkins

Barbara Carrera

Bebe Neuwirth

Ben Kingsley

Dianne Von Furstenberg

Donald Trump Jr.

Donna Summer

Elizabeth Arden

Gabby Douglas

General Cornwallis

George C. Marshall

Henri Matisse

Joe McIntyre

John Denver

Maurice Sinet

Nicholas Sparks

Priscilla Shirer


Tim Matheson

Val Kilmer​

cosmic joker

the joker + cosmic vibes

December 31st is the Joker And in cardology, as we said above, the Joker is considered to be outside of the deck, meaning… cardology doesn’t apply. Scroll up to learn more about being a Joker.


Jokers are special, but it means that there aren’t cosmic vibes for the two of you! So, you can try looking up December 30th and January 1st instead. See if those connections sound correct.

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