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love first ~ ace of hearts

Two of Spades Oracle.png

central themes

- prioritize love
- a desire for love to come in
- a new relationship (or baby)
- ask for emotional needs to be met
- self-love
- creative impulses

love first

Ahhhh. Love. Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. (Moulin Rouge, anyone?) When this card comes up, it means you need to focus on love before focusing on anything else. Perhaps you are telling yourself a story about a situation that isn’t based on love. Or maybe you are worrying about so-called ‘real world’ issues. The fact that you drew this card means you’ve got your priorities out of whack – focus on love, first.

ace of hearts

The Ace (desire) of Hearts (love) means you are ready to bring a new love into your life. It is the card of creation and means you are likely experiencing creative impulses around love, home, romance or even a passion (career). Along these lines, it could mean you are birthing something you love, including a new relationship, baby or the job of your dreams. It also means you may need work on getting your emotional needs met. Maybe you need to talk to your partner about this or cultivate more self-love.

dive deeper

1. Can you see the love in this situation?
2. Are you giving yourself enough self-love?
3. Are you asking for others to fulfill these needs?
4. Express your desires to your loved ones.
5. Spend time exploring your emotional needs.
6. Take time to feel what it would mean to get that thing (love, baby, dream job) that you desire.


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Ace of Hearts. There is just one Ace of Hearts birthday:

December 30

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