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the guidebook

The Rule Your World Oracle Deck Guidebook has descriptions of each oracle card plus questions to ask yourself so you can dive deep. Learn how to clear your deck and how to do a reading. Work with the sample spreads below or make your own. You can choose this online version or download the PDF version

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about this deck

The themes of each oracle card in this deck are based on cardology or the Destiny Cards System. Cardology is the astrology and numerology of the playing cards. Each day of the year has a card assigned to it along with the hand that goes with that card. It can help you understand what your soul was trying to achieve when it chose this blueprint for your life.

The cards govern not just personality, but also the energy that exists in your relationships. Just like you can’t escape being your card, you can’t escape these energies. Understanding how the cards see relationships can help you figure out the cosmic purpose behind why you meet the people that you do.

Learn all about the cards & your compatibility with others here. Get a free guide to your suit & discover how the suits get along with each other. Click here.

how to clear your deck

The reality is… your intention alone to have a clear deck is all you need. But, if you want some more ideas, keep reading…

Hold the deck in your hands and ask for the deck to be clear of all energies that previously came in contact with it and for it to be aligned with your soul’s blueprint and highest purpose.

You can also sage it or play high vibe tunes with the intention to clear it.

Clear your deck whenever you use the cards to play a game with someone else (meaning when someone else gets their grubby hands on them ;)) or if things feel a bit off with the answers you are getting or simply whenever you feel it’s needed.


how to do a reading

oracle card front page image.png

For the best reading for YOU, blend your own intuition with the information in this guidebook. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step process to do a reading. 

Each card’s description includes the oracle description and the traditional cardology meaning of the card. Plus, there’s a bonus self-reflection section with questions you can ponder or journal about.


1. Ask a question. It’s best to ask open-ended questions and not to should yourself to death. Here are some examples:

  • What’s the most important thing for me to know about _____?
  • What are my next steps regarding ____?

  • What am I not seeing / understanding about ____?

  • What advice do you have for me about taking this job?

  • What do I need to know about my relationship with ____?

2. Hold the question in your mind. Shuffle the deck a few times until you intuitively feel it’s time to stop. Cut the deck. Take the bottom half and place it above the top half. Draw the top card or cards depending on which reading you are doing from the following page. Lay the spread out.


3. First use your own intuition on what the card spread means. Then go to the cards in this guide and read the descriptions and self-reflection section. See if any words jump off the page at you or if any particular phrases stand out. Each time you do a reading, you might find a different part of the description relevant to your question.


the deck

Hearts Oracle
Ace of Hearts Oracle.png
Two of Hearts Oracle.png
Three of Hearts Oracle.png
Four of Hearts Oracle.png
Five of Hearts Oracle.png
Six of Hearts Oracle.png
Seven of Hearts Oracle.png
Eight of Hearts Oracle.png
Nine of Hearts Oracle.png
Ten of Hearts Oracle.png
Jack of Hearts Oracle.png
Queen of Hearts Oracle.png
King of Hearts Oracle.png
Club Oracle
Ace of Clubs Oracle.png
Two of Clubs Oracle.png
Three of Clubs Oracle.png
Four of Clubs Oracle.png
Five of Clubs Oracle.png
Six of Clubs Oracle.png
Seven of Clubs Oracle.png
Eight of Clubs Oracle.png
Nine of Clubs Oracle.png
Ten of Clubs Oracle.png
Jack of Clubs Oracle.png
Queen of Clubs Oracle.png
King of Clubs Oracle.png
Diamonds Oracle
Ace of Diamonds Oracle.png
Two of Diamonds Oracle.png
Three of Diamonds Oracle.png
Four of Diamonds Oracle.png
Five of Diamonds Oracle.png
Six of Diamonds Oracle.png
Seven of Diamonds Oracle.png
Eight of Diamonds Oracle.png
Nine of Diamonds Oracle.png
Ten of Diamonds Oracle.png
Jack of Diamonds Oracle.png
Queen of Diamonds Oracle.png
King of Diamonds Oracle.png
Spades Oracle
Ace of Spades Oracle.png
Two of Spades Oracle.png
Three of Spades Oracle.png
Four of Spades Oracle.png
Five of Spades Oracle.png
Six of Spades Oracle.png
Seven of Spades Oracle.png
Eight of Spades Oracle.png
Nine of Spades Oracle.png
Ten of Spades Oracle.png
Jack of Spades Oracle.png
Queen of Spades Oracle.png
King of Spades Oracle.png
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