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picture this ~ eight of spades

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central themes

- the power of visualization
- dream your life
- behave ‘as if’
- strength & discipline
- focus willpower
- physical fortitude

picture this

Visualize the life you want to create. Picture the way you want things to be. Align with the energy of that instead of being in an energy of not having that thing you want. Feel with your entire body what it would feel like for things to be the way you want them to be and the universe will comply. Day dream. Make a vision board. Imagine your best life. Act as if it’s already here. Your mind will start to believe these things to be true making it easier for them to actually come true.

eight of spades

The Eight (strength) of Spades (physical realm) means you have the inner fortitude and discipline to achieve tangible success. The inner power you have now can help you overcome any obstacles in your path. It’s time to release all doubts and to focus your willpower on the task at hand. You’ve prepared for this. You are ready. Additionally, the Eight of Spades is also a great card if you are wanting to make changes to your physical health. You have the willpower to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

dive deeper

1. What do you want for your life? What beliefs do you need to change to have the life you want?
2. Have you been feeling wishy washy about your dreams lately? What’s causing this hesitation?
3. Have you been lost in someone else’s vision for your life? Can you separate out your vision from theirs?
4. Have you been doubting your abilities to create the life you want? What is the source of this doubt?
5. What are your goals for your health? Why do you have these goals?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Eight of Spades. Birthdays include:

January 6, Februray 4 & March 2

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