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higher power ~ jack of hearts

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central themes

- broad perspective
- spiritual connection
- highest good
- sacrifice
- be of service
- forgoing your own needs

higher power

When you can tap into your Higher Power (insert your own word for this), you elevate your consciousness and can pull out of the mundane, day-to-day worries of your life. You’ll get a broader, more holistic perspective and can understand what others are dealing with. This card also asks you to take inventory of how often you let your connection to your Higher Power be clouded by the difficult parts of your life. Take time to connect in with your Higher Power on a regular basis.

jack of hearts

The Jack (spiritual initiate) of Hearts (love) is considered the card of ‘Jesus’ and its presence means you are being asked to deepen your understanding of love and to deepen your spiritual connection. Jesus sacrificed himself on behalf of the greater good, and there is no higher love than that. So this card can indicate that you, too, may need to make a personal sacrifice for some higher good. Often this involves forgoing your needs in order to provide for a child. Make the choice to be of service, and you’ll find yourself easily stepping into that higher love energy.

dive deeper

1. In any given situation, you can ask yourself: what is the highest good for all? Or how can I serve?
2. Are you having to sacrifice something for someone else like a child? How do you feel about that? Can you honor your feelings and still make the sacrifice?
3. Are you connecting with your Higher Power? What is your relationship like?
4. Are you allowing life’s challenges to separate you from this spiritual connection?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Jack of Hearts. Birthdays include:

July 30, August 28, September 26, October 24, November 22 & December 20

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