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be anything ~ joker

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central themes

- get out of the box you are in
- allow the old to fall away
- be open to surprises
- hone your skills
- embrace your uniqueness
- embody your complete self

be anything

This card gives you the freedom to change. You’ve been putting yourself in a box lately or taking on a label someone else has given you. Allow yourself to break free from this box. If the old you is not working anymore, shed that part of you. Perhaps an old part of you wants to come forward to assist you at this time. Maybe your inner child wants to play like you used to. Maybe a skill from a previous life is ready to come forward. It is time to let your energy open up to the endless possibilities in front of you. Just by stating ‘I am open’, you allow the universe to surprise you.


The Joker is the most unique card in the deck. In the Tarot, the Joker is known as The Fool, and he carries the numerical value of zero. He symbolizes the Alpha and Omega, or beginning and end of the cycle of life and death. He has no place in cardology since the Joker has no direct relationships with any of the other cards. People with the Joker as their Birth Card can utilize the characteristics and strengths of any of the other cards in the deck. As an oracle card, the Joker is asking you learn to hone the strengths you already know you have and to work on developing new ones so you are able to adapt to any situation. This will allow you to be complete within yourself embodying the whole (the Alpha and the Omega).

dive deeper

1. Is a new you trying to come forward? Are you resisting it in some way? Why?
2. Are you keeping yourself in a box? Why?
3. What skillset do you need to bring forward at this time?
4. Are you trying to control the outcome of your future? What scares you about being open to what the universe is bringing you?
5. Are you holding yourself back so others feel comfortable around you?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Joker. This card has just one birthday:

December 31

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