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bend don't break ~ king of spades

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central themes

- adapt to changes
- stay open
- allow the magic to flow
- total success
- responsibility issues
- master your life

bend don't break

If you’ve been overly rigid about something lately, you may need to consider how you can be more flexible. Like a tree, you need to adapt to the shifting winds while remaining grounded in what’s important to you. It’s time to let go of being right and be open to learning from others. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, stay open to possibilities. Ask for the universe to bring you ‘this or better’. You might even try starting each day by saying ‘What magic could unfold today?’

king of spades

The King (mastery) of Spades (environment) is the final and most powerful card in the deck. It assures success in overcoming any obstacles you are facing right now. It may bring hard work with it and even ask you to step into more of a leadership role in your own life or at work. The King of Spades can bring up issues around responsibility. You may need to take on more responsibility or let go of it in certain areas. Ultimately, you are being called to become the master of your own life.

dive deeper

1. Have you been overly fixed in your ideas about your life, a relationship or the world lately? What is causing this rigidity? Why are you clinging on to these ideas?
2. Imagine yourself like a tree. Strong. Rooted. Bendable enough to blow around with the wind. See a different perspective. What is it showing you?
3. Have you been taking on too much responsibility lately? Or too little? What’s behind this?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the King of Spades. This card has just one birthday:

January 1

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