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time will tell ~ queen of clubs

Two of Spades Oracle.png

central themes

- patience
- perfect timing
- let go
- strong intuition
- service through communication
- organization

time will tell

If you are feeling a bit impatient that things aren’t going the way you want them to go, this card is telling you to just wait. Everything is progressing right on time. You need to give the universe some time to fulfill the wishes you have put forward. The cake is in the oven and needs to finish baking before you get to eat it! Time will tell… eventually. And then all of this waiting will make sense. It’s time to let go and let the higher realms take over.

queen of clubs

The Queen (in service) of Clubs (mental realm) is the queen of intuition, wisdom and psychic ability. You are being asked to cultivate these skills and to learn how your own intuition works. This card could also mean that those intuitive hits you’ve been getting lately are on point. Alternatively, it’s possible that you are being asked to help others through coaching, teaching or writing since Queens are all about being of service and Clubs are all about the field of communication. Plus, when this card shows up, it’s a great time to get organized.

dive deeper

1. Why are you in such a rush for your desire to come into place? Think back to the last time you really wanted something and had to wait. What would you say to that version of you? Can you say that to yourself now? Do something fun to entertain yourself in the meantime.
2. The universe knows the vibration behind your impatience, and it can sense your attitude of lack. Look around and take stock of what you do have.
3. Is your intuition heightened at this time? Are you paying attention to it?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Queen of Clubs. Birthdays include:

January 28, February 26, March 24, April 22, May 20, June 18, July 16, August 14, September 12, October 10, November 8 & December 6

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