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truth be told ~ queen of diamonds

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central themes

- real talk
- hidden agendas
- important conversations
- in service to others
- spending beyond means
- internal changes for prosperity

truth be told

You may need to speak the truth right now – or at least the truth as you see it. What you have to say may sting a bit, so try to speak from the heart. It may be that you need to see the truth for yourself about a situation. This card could come as a warning that there are hidden agendas that need to be revealed. Keep in mind, we hide things when we are afraid. Have a heart-to-heart conversation so you can get to the truth underneath the fear.

queen of diamonds

The Queen (in service) of Diamonds (values/$) indicates financial success through nurturing others. You might want to start a service-oriented business or find yourself using your professional skills to help others. You may be attracted to wealth and luxury at this time, possibly spending beyond your means. At this time, double check your purchases to make sure they are things you actually need. If you are desiring a higher level of prosperity, the Queen of Diamonds asks you to look inward and make internal changes first.

dive deeper

1. What is on your mind or heart that needs to be spoken?
2. Are you seeing a situation differently than the other person? Have you had ‘the’ conversation in order to reveal what is on your heart and to hear what is on theirs?
Is there anything you are hiding from yourself? Listen to your words. Do they feel truthful as you speak them out loud?
3. Have you been spending a lot of money lately? Why? Is it out of boredom or fear or wanting to seem a certain way to others? Spending money in and of itself is not an issue. Get aligned with the why.


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Queen of Diamonds. Birthdays include:

January 15, February 13, March 11, April 9, May 7, June 5, July 3 & August 1

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