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make it happen ~ seven of spades

Two of Spades Oracle.png

central themes

- take action
- stay motivated
- make the first move
- faith in action
- sensitivity / heightened intuition
- work or health issues

make it happen

Now is the time for action. Take steps in the physical world to manifest your thoughts and desires. Remember why you want what you want so you stay motivated to keep going. Be confident in what you are doing as you are creating your destiny with your actions. The obstacles are clearing for you to get closer to the finalization phase of this project. If you are ready for love or a change in your relationship, it’s up to you to make the first move.

seven of spades

The Seven (faith) of Spades (real world action) is all about needing to put your faith into action. Act in a way that is in accordance with your beliefs. You have the power to suss out anything that is out of alignment with the truth right now giving you the ability to clear it out of your life. This card can indicate problems with health or work, which could cause you to learn to develop a stronger faith. The Seven of Spades is a powerful spiritual influence, and you are being asked to deepen your spiritual practices and look at life from a higher perspective.

dive deeper

1. Have you been procrastinating on doing something you know you need to do? What are you afraid of?
2. Have you been feeling unmotivated? What is going on deep down that is causing this?
3. Do you need more confidence to keep going? Make a list of all of your accomplishments.
4. Have your instincts been telling you something is off? Dig into this. Your intuition is heightened.
5. Do you trust the universe? Do you trust yourself? Do you have faith? Explore your beliefs. Do your actions align with these beliefs?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Seven of Spades. Birthdays include:

January 7, Februray 5, March 3 & April 1

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