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day to day ~ ten of spades

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central themes

- daily chores
- take a break from dreaming
- allow the universe to do for you
- define success
- take time for self-care
- workaholism

day to day

If it feels like you are waiting for the next thing, it may be that you simply need to do normal, day-to-day, simple tasks. Pay your bills. Clean your house. Mow the lawn. Read a book. Take a hike. Activities like these can give you the space to receive messages from the universe. Plus, focusing on something besides making your dreams come true gives the universe space to work on your behalf.

ten of spades

The Ten (lots) of Spades (work) can mean you can achieve success through work or your business. You may need to take some time out for self-care since this card also indicates a full plate. With the Ten of Spades, putting a lot of effort in guarantees success, but it is also asking you to take time to explore how you define success. It’s possible this card is indicating addiction issues, including workaholism. Look at where you are overdoing things in your life.

dive deeper

1. Have you been non-stop working toward building your dream life? If you over water a plant, it dies. It’s time for you to take some time away from the constant ‘watering’ of your dreams. Let them percolate.
2. Explore why you’ve been pushing so hard lately. Have you become a workaholic? Are you overdoing anything else in your life?
3. What can you do to take a break and get your mind off of your goals? birthdays


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Ten of Spades. Birthdays include:

January 4 & Februray 2

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