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express yourself ~ three of hearts

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central themes

- feeling & expressing your feelings
- feeling pulled b/w two passions
- worrying
- doubts about a relationship
- meeting new people
- wear color

express yourself

It’s time to be real with your feelings. Maybe you need to share something that is on your heart with someone close to you. Or perhaps you need to be more honest with yourself about how you feel. Either way, you need some outlet for your feelings. Perhaps you like writing. Do that. Or maybe you need to punch something – I like punching my bed. Sing, dance or listen to songs that represent how you are feeling. Cry. Scream. Write. Paint. Do anything that allows you to express your feelings.

three of hearts

The Three (variety) of Hearts (relationships) means variety or experimentation in the realm of people. In general, it means you may feel pulled between two passions: family & work, person 1 & person 2, job 1 & job 2, etc. This pull can create a sense of worry that can be dealt with by creative expression. Being pulled between two people could mean doubts about a relationship or not wanting to make a commitment to someone. The Three of Hearts can also mean it’s time to focus on meeting new and interesting people. And, it can mean you need to bring some color into your life. Literally. See Lilly Pulitzer. She was a Three of Hearts.

dive deeper

1. What feelings do you need to express?
2. What are the words you want to say to express how you are feeling? Allow yourself to really feel into your body when you bring these feelings forward.
3. What are you worrying about and why?
4. What two things (or people) do you feel pulled between?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Three of Hearts. Birthdays include:

November 30 & December 28

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