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co-create ~ two of diamonds

Two of Spades Oracle.png

central themes

- creation
- inspiration
- let it be easy
- win-win attitude
- negotiate
- be unique


You are a creator co-creating with Source (God, the Divine, what have you). If you have just been going along being blown by the wind (or whatever is trending on socials), it’s time for you to take more responsibility for your life. You create with your thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. In order to feel freer, you need to align with your center. You’ll know you are aligned because things will be easy and simple. Begin with looking at what you truly want out of life. Be inspired. It’s time to create!

two of diamonds

The Two (partnership) of Diamonds (values/$) is all about having a win-win attitude and wheeling and dealing to get what you want. Negotiation is a powerful tool and it may be something you need right now. Evaluate your desires around a partnership (business or otherwise). You may need to make concessions or ask for more from this endeavor. Alternatively, the Two of Diamonds is all about moving and shaking to the beat of your own drummer. If you feel like a weirdo, embrace it. Your uniqueness is what the world needs right now!

dive deeper

1. What are you wanting to create in your life? What does your ideal life look like? More importantly, how does it feel? Take time to explore this in-depth.
2. What is one step you can take toward manifesting your dream life today?
3. Is there a partnership that needs to come more into balance so both parties can feel they are getting what they want? What needs to shift for this to happen?
4. Have you been holding back from being the most unique expression of yourself? Why?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Two of Diamonds. Birthdays include:

January 25, February 23, March 21, April 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, August 11, September 9, October 7, November 5 & December 3

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