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A Simple Way to Understand Cardology: the Suits + Numbers

Updated: May 21

Starting with the numbers and suits provides a simple way to understand cardology and the card you have for your birthday. This simple symbology of the playing cards is a quick way to start to understand your card, because you may already be familiar with these ideas through numerology and/or the tarot. Of course there are many layers to this system, so if you want to learn more, get your card’s course, plus you can look up the birthdays of your friends and family here. See if these descriptions apply to them and let us know in the comments below!

THE NUMBERS If you are familiar with numerology or the tarot, you’ll already have an idea of how the card numbers apply to personalities. The numbers for cardology are very similar but go beyond ‘nine’. Think of ‘ten’ as an expanded version of the ‘ace’ or ‘one’. And you already have an idea about the Jack, Queen and King as they line up with our ideas of the Prince, Queen and King in our storybooks.

ACES Self-focused, optimists who want to be a pioneer and who may feel lonely at times. TWOS Love to find balance and connect with others. They need to learn to be friends with themselves. THREES Charming and expressive. They challenge established patterns and feel a need to create. FOURS Create a space of safety for other, but may be looking for that safety for themselves. They are logical and methodical. Change can be challenging for some Fours (but not all of them because some Fours are more like Fives). FIVES Enjoy exploring and having freedom. They are adventurous and playful. Things seem to work out for them even though they aren’t ‘planners’. SIXES Need harmony, flow and balance. They take on a role of service and responsibility. They are usually truthful and present a balanced perspective. SEVENS Highly sensitive and need to learn to detach from things that aren’t perfect. They are cheerful, spiritual, unique and intelligent. EIGHTS Have a natural sense of how things ‘should be’ and may be a bit stubborn at times. They can be counted on and often are found in positions of authority. NINES Can understand a wide variety of perspectives and tend to be compassionate, but at times are complacent and can get overly absorbed in relationships. They are peacemakers and counselors. TENS Inclusive and like to ‘live large’ especially with regards to their suit. They are generous, optimistic and expect to succeed in life. JACKS Bring humor and introduces creative ideas into the world. Sometimes a Jack person may seem immature but this youthfulness can make for an approachable leader. QUEENS Tend to be of service to the world but can also be intense. They tend to nurture and may be a bit controlling in their own idiosyncratic ways. KINGS Represent mastery of their suit. They are leaders and can comfort others with ease and graciousness. Sometimes they can be a bit controlling because they feel they understand more than others. THE SUITS The four suits of the playing cards (hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) line up with the four suits of the tarot cards. Unfortunately, there is discrepancy about which suit lines up with which. Below, I’ve listed what I believe to be the most relevant tarot suit.

HEARTS Connect with the world through people and emotions and are motivated by love and relationship. They seem eternally young. The heart suit represents our childhood years. The tarot suit associated with hearts is cups because of the associated element water relating to emotions. CLUBS Connect with the world through information, insight and wisdom and are motivated by learning and understanding. They are skilled communicators. The club suit represents our school-age years. The tarot suit associated with clubs is swords because of the association to air – the mental element. DIAMONDS Connect with the world through their values and desires. They are passionate. Integrity is a key virtue for diamonds. The diamond suit represents our prime earning years. The tarot suit associated with diamonds is pentacles because of their relationship to financial matters. SPADES Connect with the world through a broad perspective and are balanced, integrated and holistic. They often seem dignified. The spade suit represents our wisdom and retirement years. The tarot suit associated with spades is wands because of its association to action and making plans which is something spades do: take action! LOOK UP YOUR CARD AND GET THE GUIDE - CLICK HERE

by Laura Haehl


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