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How Royal Archetypes of the Playing Cards Impact Your Relationships

Updated: May 21

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The King, Queen and Jack of the card based on your birthday (your Birth Card) allow you to ‘become’ the Royals of your suit for different purposes. These three cards have their own personalities, so when we take on one of them, we take on the good and the not so good. Let's talk about how the royal archetypes of the playing cards affect your day-to-day life.

Generally speaking, you are already aware of what these archetypes entail. Just think of a fair and just King versus one that is not being his best self. Consider the difference between Queen Cersei and Queen Elizabeth I. Think of the entitled Prince (Jack) or the one that is preparing for future responsibilities. Check out how Carolyn Myss describes these archetypes here for more on King (Emperor), Queen (Empress) and Jack (Prince).

As far as cardology is concerned, this is generally when we step into each archetype:

WOMEN (or those identifying as female)

Women tend to inhabit their Queen as a default. The Queen of her suit will be a strong backdrop to her personality. The woman will be in her King when she is managing a business or in a leadership position. The woman will be in her King when she feels like ‘she has it all together’.

The Jack is her creative, innovative aspect. When she is designing something original she will go use the Jack. Jacks can be manipulative, irresponsible, disconnected and funny. They know how to stop caring about big ‘important’ stuff, how to be selfish and how to make fun of everyone.

MEN (or those identifying as male)

Men tend to inhabit their King as a default. Kings understand the big picture and are generally pragmatic and logical. They like to get shit done!

The Queen, for the men, is his feminine side; emotional development and healing, ‘mothering,’ and nurturing.

All men love their inner Jack. They tend to hold onto this archetype as their inner child and adolescent, and retain it as a kind of fallback (except for men who have King Birth Cards). Again, when men are being irresponsible, funny or manipulative, they are in their Jack.


The Jack is the card of youth and both genders tend to use it up through adolescence. To understand children, it would be wise to read the Jack of their suit. The Heart and Club Jacks tend to experience more turmoil in childhood, and will also be more creative/right brained. The Diamond and Spade children will be a bit more left-brained, especially as they enter adolescence, and diamond children will be especially tender as children.


Since a woman might step into her King in a leadership position at work, it might be helpful to understand how she would interact with her coworkers. Or when a man steps into his Queen, his wife might want to understand how that affects their relationship.

In this article, we explored how Cosmic Vibes plays out between your card and someone else’s. We can apply that concept to understand how our Royals interact when we are in relationships. For instance, we can look at how a female club utilizing her Queen interacts with a male diamond operating out of his King.

The Royals are especially helpful to explore when courting or being courted as we tend to step into them in romantic situations. The sexual dance requires the Jack for both men and women.

As the relationship develops, we tend to gravitate to the King and Queen (men and women respectively). At that point, the Jack is still useful because it often shows how we act out in childish ways.

Typically, in long term relationships, you’ll explore the opposite archetype within the relationship as it evolves. Women can find their true power and confidence in their King. Men can find their emotional expression and healing in their Queen. When this happens, the relationship can sit on a solid foundation of both people being able to express each energy, bringing balance to the relationship.

Thanks for reading! Laura


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