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Mastering Self-Knowledge: The Transformative Power of Cardology

Updated: May 21

One of the biggest pieces of owning your experience is understanding yourself at a deeper level. And realizing that nothing 'happens to you'.  Each experience you have is ultimately driving your soul forward even if you - as the human - find it ridiculous, painful, funny, sad or boring.

So how do you get more aligned with what your soul wants? How do you better understand the reason your soul wanted to incarnate in this lifetime? How do you figure out why you have the relationships you do? Getting answers to these questions will help calm the doubt mind that gets in the way of your inner oracle.

Start with following your bliss. No shit. Sounds cliché, but you will know you are in alignment with what your soul wants when you do what feels expansive = what lights up your heart.

Another way to figure out why your soul came here and what it wants with the people in your life is to explore the ancient mysteries like astrology, numerology and our favorite... cardology.


You already know your astrological sun sign, right? Now it’s time to discover your card. Cardology (also known as the Destiny Cards) is the astrology and numerology of the playing cards. You have a card for you birthday, and it can tell you all about the lessons you are learning, the obstacles you need to overcome, how you shine, and your purpose. It’s like a secret map to who you really are. After all, your soul chose your card (and the hand that goes with it!) for this lifetime!

Once you learn about your card, including your suit and number or face card, you’ll be able to relate to others.

♥️s are either really emotional or cut off from their emotions. They make great gift-givers.

♣️s love to go deep into learning about a topic and need to tune into their razor-sharp intuition. They will talk your ear off.

♦️s know how to get everyone else to decide what is actually important. They are the person pulling you out of the weeds.

♠️ s prefer doing and are often hard workers. They may dismiss you and your feelings, but don’t take it personally.

Look up your card below. Read a bit about it and get our FREE guide to being your suit and how you get along (or don’t!) with the others suits. When you are ready to dive deeper, get your card’s guide!

Each Guide includes:

✔️ what it means to be your suit & number

✔️ an in-depth profile of your card

✔️ how others see you

✔️ celebrities with your card

✔️ why your card has its nickname

✔️ your soul purpose

✔️ real talk you need to hear

✔️ questions to ask yourself

✔️ pro tips designed especially for your card

✔️ power words to post on your mirror


Relationships are the ultimate tool for showing us who we are. The people in our lives are mirrors to us. They show us our potential - jealous much? They show us who we don't want to be - roll your eyes much? They show us what we hate about ourselves and how to love ourselves more. We learn to put up boundaries and tear down walls. Ultimately, we may even finally learn the ultimate version of love - the unconditional kind. That's kind of the whole point of being here on 🌍 if you want to know the truth.

Do you ever wonder why some of your relationships are so easy? Why you just click with some people and not with others? It is written in your cards. Seriously. W

When  Candy and I meet new people (and we can get ahold of their bday) we check their cards. It always brings an a-ha moment.... "so that's why we are instant BFFs" or "that's why they are giving arch enemy vibes".

Each pair of cards has a set of energies (Cosmic Vibes) between them that are fixed. You can't do anything to change this, but you can learn to better understand and manage these dynamics.

👉 Feel irritated with someone? Might be Mars vibes. (Taylor + Taylor/Calvin/Matty)

👉 Immediate best friends? Moon or Venus are at play. (Taylor + Joe/Harry)

👉 Life transforming? Probably Pluto. (Taylor + Jake)

👉 Deep, soul-level connection? Gotta be Karma. (Taylor + Travis/Conor)

Look up your Cosmic Vibes by clicking the button below. Read a bit about the energies. Want to dive deeper? Grab your Cosmic Vibes Guide to help you better understand these dynamics.

Each Guide includes:

✔️ both planetary vibes ~ in a nutshell

✔️ the level of friendship, magnetism & challenge for each vibe

✔️ how you’ll feel & how you can evolve in each energy

✔️ pro tips, celebrity couples & lots of songs to add to your mix-tape

✔️ how you express each vibe & what they teach

✔️ how the energies combine, mesh & play off of each other


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