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Your Second Most Important Card Based on Your Astrological Sun Sign

Updated: May 21

In cardology (the astrology and numerology of the playing cards), you have a card you were dealt based on the month and day of your birthday. (Look yours up here.) This is your Birth Card. It is ruled by the Sun and represents the self. Each additional card in the hand sits in a ‘planetary position’. In the Life Spread (see the photo), the card to the right of the Sun card is the Moon card. The card to the left is the Mercury card, then Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

One of these cards is a second ‘self’ card, and it is based on your astrological Sun sign. For example, if you are a Cancer, the Moon rules Cancer, therefore your Moon card would be your other card. If you are a Virgo or a Gemini, it is your Mercury card that becomes your second most important card. We call this your Other Card, but it is also known as the Planetary Ruling Card.

We call this your Other Card. It is the second most powerful influence in your hand.

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DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PEOPLE WITH THE SAME CARD The Other Card is the main factor that accounts for the differences between two people of the same card, but with different birthdays. For people who share the exact same birthday, their astrology charts and upbringing account for other differences. WHAT IF YOUR CARD DOESN’T SOUND LIKE YOU? If you resonate with your Other Card more than your Birth Card, it may be due to your astrological chart. Your chart may be weighted towards one planetary influence. If one planet seems to be the star of your chart, take a look at the card in that planetary position in your hand. Chances are, it will have a big influence on your life and personality.

This system operates (or rather your soul operates the system!) very much like traditional astrology. A Sagittarius with several planets of their birth chart in Taurus will seem much more like a Taurus than a Sagittarius. In this case, the Venus card should be considered just as important as the Birth Card or Other Card. YOUR OTHER CARD AND RELATIONSHIPS Your Other Card can influence your relationships just like the Birth Card does. Get your card's guide to learn more about this.


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