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Which 'Clair' Are You? Take the Psychic Ability Quiz Now

The universe is teeming with mysteries, and one of the most intriguing questions many of us ponder is related to our innate psychic abilities. Whether you’ve had uncanny experiences or simply have an interest in the spiritual realm, understanding the ‘clairs’ can offer deep insights into your intuitive nature. With our psychic ability quiz, you can learn all about your clairs and how to best enhance them.

What Are The ‘Clairs’?

The term ‘clair’ is derived from the French word meaning ‘clear’. When we talk about the ‘clairs’, we are referring to various psychic abilities that allow individuals to receive intuitive information in unique ways. The most commonly known are:

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing): The ability to perceive visions or images.

  • Clairsentience (clear feeling): Sensing or feeling energies.

  • Clairaudience (clear hearing): Hearing intuitive messages.

  • Claircognizance (clear knowing): Having knowledge without knowing how or why.

There are others, but these are the core ones most individuals resonate with.

Discover Your Psychic Abilities

Have you ever felt an unexpected shiver, seen fleeting images in your mind’s eye, or had an undeniable gut feeling about something? These might be indications of your dominant ‘clair’. Our psychic abilities are like muscles; the more we recognize and exercise them, the stronger they become.

The Quiz Awaits!

Find out which clair is strongest for you with the Psychic Ability Quiz that helps you figure out your most dominate psychic ability. Then scroll down for the best tips and tricks to help you learn to maximize your intuitive superpower aka your primary clair.

Whether you’re clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, or claircognizant, this quiz is a fun and enlightening way to connect more deeply with your intuitive self. So, are you ready to answer the question: Which ‘Clair’ Are You? Scroll down to take the quiz now ,and embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery!

Develop Your Clairs

While you have one strength that is your go-to, you can learn to work with ALL of them! You just have to practice. It is just like with any other skill you would want to develop – playing piano, basketball or making TikTok videos.

Check out our powerful course on intuition – Third Eye Activation

Read through the sections below to see which sounds most like you. Then read the pro-tips to learn how to start working with your superpower.

As you practice and learn about your inherent intuitive skills, you’ll feel more confident in the ‘information’ you are getting as you’ll understand how it comes to you.

Which ‘Clair’ Are You? Psychic Ability Quiz


STEP 1: Make a list labelled a-e & write your answers. 

a. When you think of a childhood memory, you most remember...

  1. the visual aspects. Like it’s a picture or a movie.

  2. the feelings you had. Sadness, joy, excitement.

  3. the conversations or voices your heard.

  4. simple thoughts you had about what was happening.

  5. the scents. Like chocolate chip cookies wafting through the air.

b. Which of these describes you the best?

  1. You have vivid dreams and can remember them with detail.

  2. You are a natural healer or caregiver.

  3. You are drawn to music, singing, the written word or listening to or giving speeches.

  4. You sometimes just have the answers to things, but don’t know why.

  5. You enjoy smelling flowers, wine or perfume.

c. Which is your best learning style?

  1. Visual. You need to see to remember. Or you learn through drawing or doodling.

  2. You learn best through movement, even if it is fidgeting.

  3. Music. Music is what helps you learn.

  4. Often, you just understand what is being taught without the need for any particular type of teaching style.

  5. You learn best when there is a taste or smell associated with what you are learning.

d. You have the unusual ability to…

  1. Visualize what you want or you used to see spirits as a kid.

  2. Feel what others are feeling without them saying anything.

  3. Hear voices that seem to come from outside of you or easily remember the sound of someone’s voice

  4. Feel certain about what you know is true even if you can’t back it up.

  5. Smell things no one else seems to smell or that you can find no source for.

e. You are best at…

  1. Visualizing solutions to problems or visually arranging furniture or the dishwasher.

  2. Working with your body through dance, martial arts, etc.

  3. Music – singing, writing it, remembering it.

  4. Diving into spiritual or philosophical studies.

  5. Wine tasting or having a refined palate for food.

STEP 2: Total how many answers you have for each item a – e. Scroll down learn about your strongest clair.

Maximize Your Intuitive Strength (Clairs) (1) 2_edited.jpg

a: clairvoyance


If you got mostly a’s for the psychic ability quiz… your super power is: clairvoyance, one of the most common clairs. And one of the most misunderstood! People who are clairvoyant will see pictures or images in their mind’s eye (like a movie screen inside your head). Some may even feel as if they are physically there watching the scene. Since pictures speak a thousand words, this is a highly efficient clair!


People who are clairvoyant…

  • often have memorable & detailed dreams
  • might be able to see auras
  • appreciate beauty
  • may have had imaginary friends as a kid
  • may see sparkles of light, orbs or other such phenomena
  • are likely visual learners
  • might be good at spatially arranging things like the furniture or the dishwasher
  • often create detailed scenes in their mind (aka have an active imagination)


How to maximize this clair:

  • Keep track of your dreams in a nightly dream journal. If this sounds overwhelming, just do it for one week and see what happens. Be sure to grab your journal as soon as you wake up so the dreams are fresh. Write with as much detail as possible. Set an intention before you go to bed: I remember my dreams in detail.

  • Watch kaleidoscope videos on YouTube, color, do jigsaw puzzles or get a Magic Eye book. Stimulate your inner eye with colorful images.
  • Visualize. Do visualization meditations. Close your eyes and practice visualizing your car, home, favorite outfit or the puzzle you are currently working on.
  • Work on making decisions using a yes or no scale in your mind’s eye. Get quiet. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Imagine ‘yes’ on one side of a dial and ‘no’ on the other. Ask the question and see which way the dial flips.
  • Work to open your third eye. You can find third eye meditations on YouTube or you can take the Alchemist (Third Eye Chakra) course or our Third Eye Activation Course.

b: clairsentience


If you got mostly b‘s for the psychic ability quiz… your super power is: clairsentience,  one of the most common clairs. People with clairsentience can feel or sense energy through physical sensations. They might be able to feel a spirit or a shift in the energy of the room. Empaths fall into the clairsentience category.

People who are clairsentient

  • may feel chills, goosebumps or tingling in their body (especially as a confirmation)

  • can sense a person’s aura

  • might be able to pick up energy off of an object (psychometry)

  • might feel sensations they didn’t have before walking into a room

  • can sense when two people are fighting

  • get sudden bursts of unexplained energy

  • experience sudden, unexplained changes in mood

  • are emotionally sensitive

  • may feel something brush by them with no explanation

  • can pick up on illnesses without being told about them

  • learn through movement or physical touch


How to maximize this clair:

  • Learn to feel the subtle energy in your body. Practice playing with an energy ball in your hands. Close your eyes. Cup your hands around an imaginary ball. Breathe energy into the ball. Feel the heat or tingling. Play with slowly growing the ball by moving your hands apart. Play with moving the ball from one hand to another.

  • Get physical! When you workout, dance, do yoga and so on… work on feeling the subtle sensations in your body.

  • Pay attention to when you get the chills or tingles or as J Lo calls them – the goosies. Notice what happened right before that – what you thought or said. Keep a journal. Notice the patterns.

  • Work on making decisions using your body. Get quiet. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Imagine ‘yes’ and notice how you feel. Now imagine a ‘no’. Now ask yourself a question (or even imagine yourself in a certain scenario like going to a restaurant you love or hate) and see if you can feel the same sensations as you did with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

  • As a person with clairsentience abilities, life will be so much more pleasant when you figure out what is your energy and what is someone else’s! Notice when you have physical pains or when you get emotional. Now ask: is this mine or someone else’s? If you have established your ‘yes/no’ from the previous section, you can use that to help you get the answer. You can also always just say: ‘if it’s not mine, I don’t want to feel this’ a few times in a row and see if that shifts it.

  • Work to open your heart chakra. You can find heart chakra meditations on YouTube or you can take the Lover (Heart Chakra) course.

  • Check out our Third Eye Activation Course to bring your intuitive skills all the way online.


c: clairaudience


If you got mostly c’s for the psychic ability quiz… your super power is: clairaudience which is the ability to hear things that are not necessarily near the person (bells, voices, music, clicking, etc.) Some people hear on a physical level (as if it were coming from outside of them) while others hear these voices or tones in their head.

People who are clairaudient

  • talk to themselves

  • give amazing advice

  • hear ringing or buzzing in their ears

  • hear disembodied talking, whispering or like a radio is playing

  • hear knocking or creaking noises

  • hear someone call their name even when no one is there

  • hear messages that are delivered in perfect timing

  • hear voices within their minds that are rational, encouraging or that even give ideas

  • learn through hearing words or music

  • are auditory learners (for instance, creating songs to help memorize)


How to maximize this clair:

  • Play the radio game. Set an intention to ask your higher wisdom a question. Ask the question and turn on the radio. Listen to the next words that come up and see how they help answer the question.

  • Work on your listening skills. Pay close attention to what and how people say things. Listen for different patterns of speech, dialects, words used, etc… Of course part of listening is getting quiet. Take a few minutes each day to quiet your mind. Even if it is in the shower.

  • Pay attention to ear ringing, buzzing in your head, clicking or other such noises. Notice what was happening – what you were thinking or seeing or feeling – just before the tone began. Pay attention to patterns.

  • Practice automatic writing. Sit quietly. Create an intention such as connecting to your higher wisdom. Ask a question. Begin writing freestyle. No stopping to edit or punctuate. No judging what comes out. Revisit the writing after a couple of days to gain more insight. For more, check out the Automatic Writing How-To Guide from our shop.

  • Work on making decisions using your hearing. First, establish your ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Get quiet. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Ask a question to which you know the answer is ‘yes’ (like your name or birthday). Listen for the answer. Repeat this with a ‘no’ question. Now ask a question you want to know the answer to OR test yourself – ask a yes/no question you could easily research later.

  • Listen for your ‘worry’ voice versus your ‘higher wisdom’ voice. We all have voices in our heads. Begin to notice yours. When you are worrying, notice what that voice sounds like, how quickly it speaks, what kind of language and tone it uses. Now notice when different voices come in that give kinder, gentler advice from a higher place. Or request to hear what your higher wisdom says about a topic. Then listen.

  • Work to open your throat chakra. You can find throat chakra meditations on YouTube or you can take our Queen (Throat Chakra) course.

  • Check out our Third Eye Activation Course to bring your intuitive skills all the way online.


d: claircognizance


If you got mostly d’s for the psychic ability quiz… your super power is: claircognizance which is a very common clair, but it is a difficult one to pinpoint. Someone who is claircognizant just knows. They don’t know how they know, but they just know. They aren’t hearing, seeing or feeling anything, it just pops into their head. Claircognizant people have the ability to answer questions even when they think they didn’t know anything about the topic.

People who are claircognizant…

  • must rely on faith to receive their answers

  • experience fast downloads of thoughts

  • spend their time thinking… a lot

  • get sudden ideas seemingly out of nowhere

  • have minds that keep them up at night

  • use their left-brain and think logically

  • know when someone is genuine and trustworthy

  • are asked to help solve other people’s problems

  • learn through reading and writing


How to maximize this clair:

  • Practice automatic writing. Sit quietly. Create an intention such as connecting to your higher wisdom. Ask a question. Begin writing freestyle. No stopping to edit or punctuate. No judging what comes out. Revisit the writing after a couple of days to gain more insight. For more, check out the Automatic Writing How-To guide.

  • Play fun predication games. When the phone rings, see if you can intuit who is calling. Or try intuiting the next song on the radio.

  • Get five index cards and put a symbol on each one: a square, circle, star, wavy lines and a plus-sign. Lay the cards in a pile, face down. Take one card, place it in front of you face down. Imagine that you know what the card is. Flip it over and see how you did!

  • Keep a journal of when you are right about something. Don’t expect to be right 100% of the time. This is a process!

  • Work to open your crown chakra. You can find crown meditations on YouTube or you can take the Visionary (Crown Chakra) course.

  • Check out our Third Eye Activation Course to bring your intuitive skills all the way online.


e: clairalience & clairgustance


If you got mostly e’s for the psychic ability quiz… your super power is: clairalience or the ability to smell fragrances like perfume or coffee or smoke even though the person is not near the substance. This can be thought of as smelling things energetically.

And/or clairgustance, which is similar to clairalience, but with the sense of taste. This is also known as tasting things energetically. These two are very closely related since our senses of taste and smell are so intertwined!

People who are clairalient…

  • pick up on the scent of someone’s natural energetic vibration

  • can tell if someone is sick, attracted to another or dishonest just by the person’s scent

  • have strong memories that are related to how something smells

  • have a strong sense of smell

  • enjoy surrounding themself with nice-smelling things

  • rely on scent to help them find a sense of inner peace

People who are clairgustant

  • taste the energies of food, animals, trees, flowers, events, places, etc.

  • may be able to taste their own energy or the energy of others

  • say things like… I taste, I am tasting, it tastes, eww, ugh what is that, etc.

  • may be able to taste people’s emotions or their physical ailments

  • have have a taste come into their mouth out of nowhere

  • be a foodie

  • use foods or drinks to help them relax


How to maximize these clairs:

Taste and smell affect each other so working with one of these clairs will affect the other! The following suggestions can help with both clairs.

  • Take time to smell the air, flowers, food while it is cooking, coffee while it is brewing, etc.

  • Take a wine tasting course.

  • Eat or drink slowly. Smell your food or drink before you consume it. Take the time to taste it before you swallow.

  • Pretend your favorite food is being prepared. Imagine what those smells would be like. Now imagine eating it.

  • Think back to memories that you have. What smells or tastes can you remember?

  • Close your eyes and imagine you are in the kitchen. Walk to the fridge and get a bright yellow lemon out. Find a knife and cut it open. Smell it. Now take a bite of it. The more you can really put yourself into this scenario, the more you might actually feel yourself salivate and feel that tightness in your jaw that comes from eating a sour food! Want a free audio practice? Click here.

  • Pay attention to and even journal when you smell or taste something that is not actually present. You’ll have to investigate to figure out the meaning of a taste or scent.

  • Look for patterns so you can begin to understand what the smells or tastes are telling you.

  • Check out our Third Eye Activation Course to bring your intuitive skills all the way online.

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