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are you ready ...

to let go of questioning your decisions?

to rely on your own, inherent wisdom to guide you through the ups and downs of life?

to quickly move past any anxiety that arises when life throws you a curveball?

understand what it feels like in your body to get the best guidance for you?

to feel calm, centered and ready no matter what? 

all about it

Unlock your inner oracle with Third Eye Activation, a fun and interactive course designed to strengthen your intuitive muscle. This powerful methodology and training enable you to access your inner wisdom and make decisions with power and certainty.

In this step-by-step process, you'll:

create your psychic workshop - a place where you can go anytime to access and download info from your inner oracle

clear & balance your third eye chakra

access altered states of consciousness so you can step out of your processing mind to be able to access information beyond the confines of physical limitations

get actual proof that your intuition actually does work

practice working with your particular intuitive skill type

what to expect

you'll build your third eye skill set through a variety of experiences

the experiences go beyond your typical guided meditations and visualizations to train your mind at a deeper level

each week for 5 weeks, you'll get access to new experiences: audio recordings that will guide you through this life-changing process

you'll get a guidebook including ways you can practice with your new skills when the course is over

 you'll get several bonus practices to help you clear your energy throughout the process

christina j.
hypnosis practitioner & reiki master

Third Eye Activation training with Laura was fun and extremely helpful. The expansion of the activations plus the workshop tools gave me a new modality to build upon ever since. I access those tools often and in so many ways. The training adjusts to each person's experience and purpose.

you'll learn to...

energetically heal relationships

connect to

your higher self

project to the future

visit the beach of conciousness

heal your pet

repair the world

set goals on a higher plane

project to the past

take a world tour

visit your skyscraper of consciousness

heal your body

connect with spirit guides

.... and so much more

what you get

The entire course includes:

30+ guided experiences to map your brain to be able to quickly access your deep intuitive space

3 energy clearing meditations to help you stay clear and aligned

1 downloadable guidebook to support your experience

access to the content for 1 year

post-course practices to continue catalyzing your intuition


Can I do the course at my own pace?
Yes and no. Content will be dropped every week. It is important to do the sessions IN ORDER. You'll have 1 year after purchase to complete the course.

How long will I have access to the course? 
You'll be able to access the course for one year.

How do I access the class once I sign up? Just go to my website, click your face (or the silhouette) in the upper right hand corner and choose MY PROGRAMS.

How long should I expect to spend on this each day? Expect to spend less than 30 minutes each day for the experience, journaling and any other recordings that accompany it

More questions? 
Email me a hello @

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Hi! I'm Laura.

I’m an intuitive guide and I love helping people like you access and maximize their intuitive gifts.


If you spend a lot of time second guessing yourself, I get it. I used to ignore that inner wisdom and find myself regretting it. But what I have discovered is that it takes some uncovering and plenty of practice to be able to rely on your inner oracle as your partner in crime.

The first time I took this class, I was BLOWN AWAY. I am so excited for you get to have this experience. Weeeee!

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