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let it go ~ nine of hearts

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central themes

- release emotional attachments
- allow change to happen
- massive transformation
- core relationship change
- grief
- counsel others

let it go

Release what no longer serves you. Let go of emotional attachments. Let others be on their own path. Release high expectations. Change happens. Relationships and experiences end. And it can be tough. This card is asking you to be at peace with this change. Consider what you have learned from this experience. It is time now to walk away and let go. You have gotten what you needed from this. This is a time of massive transition. Be present with it.

nine of hearts

The Nine (completion) of Hearts (love/emotions) means something major is coming to an end, and it will affect you emotionally. This is most likely a shift in a core relationship in your life. Think of it as a graduation. It may suck now, but it will bring you to the next level. If a relationship isn’t actually ending, it is being resuscitated, rebirthed and renewed. Regardless, you may need to let yourself grieve. Additionally, the Nine of Hearts can indicate that you are to give counseling to another (or even becoming a counselor) or that you need to focus on your own self-worth.

dive deeper

1. Are you willing to let go of this person or experience? Why or why not?
What fears do you have about this ending? What was positive about this whole experience? For what can you be grateful?
2. What do you need to grieve? Are you willing to really go into the difficult emotional state of grief? Can you let yourself just sob it all out?
3. How do you doubt yourself? Make a list of how you are valuable to others. Now make a list of how you are valuable to yourself.


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Nine of Hearts. Birthdays include:

August 30, September 28, October 26, November 24 & December 22

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