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just wait ~ three of spades

Two of Spades Oracle.png

central themes

- patience
- give it time
- healing
- express your deepest desires
- create
- dream

just wait

Sometimes, not making a decision is a decision. This is one of those times. You don’t have all the knowledge you need. You aren’t in the right frame of mind. It’s okay to wait until it feels like the right time to make the choice. Now’s the time for patience. Perhaps you are still healing from a previous experience. Or perhaps the stars simply need to align. Take this time to make preparations or to simply have some fun and enjoy!

three of spades

The Three of Spades is all about expressing (Three) your deepest desires and making them happen on the physical realm (Spades). It is one thing to day dream, make lists and write in your journal about your goals. It is another to take steps in the physical world to make your dreams happen. If you are feeling stressed right now, it could be because you aren’t able to take steps to express your soul’s deepest desires. The Three of Spades is ‘the artist’s card’, so you can express your energy through creative actions that don’t necessarily relate to your goals. Create for the sake of enjoyment. The energy will move opening things up, and bonus … you will feel better.

dive deeper

1. Are you feeling antsy because things aren’t going as the way you want them to? Dig into that feeling and try to figure out why you are feeling unsettled?
2. What do you need to do in the mean time? Can you let yourself simply relax and enjoy this down time? If not, why not?
3. How can you express yourself creatively for the simple act of moving your creative energy?


This card could indicate a person in your life who is the Three of Spades. Birthdays include:

January 11, Februray 9, March 7, April 5, May 3 & June 1

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